Glass Jewelry




We have been making coasters since Studio 73 first started fusing glass. Customize your own to suit your home.


Code: C-110



Code: 533


Code: 587

Dimensions: approx. 12”x41/2"

Dimensions: 3”x1"

Code: CB-115


These small bowls are great for snacks or side dishes.

​Small Bowl

Code: 598

This dish is a nice accompaniment to the larger curved dish or as a side dish on it's own.

Identify your glass with these unique and colourful charms.

Dimensions: 12”x8” 

Code: BP-120


Small Curved Dish 

Code: SCD-105


Large Plate


Code: 523


This candle plate looks elegant on any table. Choose your own colours from our colour palette at the top of the page.

These name brand bottles are always a conversation starter.


Dimensions: Size: 4”x4”


Dimensions: 51/4"x11/2"

Code: 564

Code: 539

Code: 518

Appy Bowl  


Key Rings 

Small Platter




Dimensions: 9 1/4"

​This dish is good for anything you'd like, from sauces to nuts.


Code: SBP-125



Code: LD-106

Dimensions: 71/2”x6” 

Folded Dish  

This wonderfully designed dish is for tea lights.

Code: WC-118


Dimensions: 91/2”x5” 

These dishes display appetizers or candles beautifully or can simply be used as decorative pieces.


Code: SB-103



Code: 535

Code: 573

Code: MB-116

Dimensions: 81/2”x11/4"

Wine Charms 

Code: KR-107


Dimensions: 12”x71/2"

Fused Glass Products


Code: 562

$5 ea. or 3/$12 



Here’s an interesting way to display your appetizers.

* We will fuse your favourite bottle for $15

Long Dish



Our Large Plate is both beautiful and elegant. . Chose your own colours or pick one of our suggested colours!



Code: LP-112

We enjoy playing around with patterns and colours. Use our colour palette at the top of the page to create your own design.

Yes, glass key rings! They can add some flair to your keys, purse, or backpack.


We often sell this as a candy dish.. Of course it can hold healthier snacks too!


Dimensions: approx. 13”x5"


Like many of our products, these bowls are dual-purpose. They hold anything you can think of and are simply stunning as stand alone pieces.

Code: 543

Code: 529

Code: 514

Medium Bowl  

This mid-sized bowl holds snacks and appetizers or simply looks great on display.


Code: AB-102

Curved Dish



Code: 520

Code: 521


Code: 507

Dimensions: 12”x8” 

These small bowls can be used for your appys or sauces.


Candy Bowl 


Code: CD-104

Dimensions: 12"x12"x21/2"


Dimensions: 4”x4"

6 for $12

Code: SP-113

Code: B-100


Code: 525



Small Dish  

Dimensions: 2”x2” 

Bottle Platter  


Code: FD-109 

Dimensions: 4”Cx2"H

Code: SD-117 

Special Bottle Platter  

Code: 534

Code: 502

Code: 594